Our mission is to grow adoption on Hathor Network by relentlessly building essential L2+ infrastructure


HTRFDT is a software product farm based in Montreal that specializes in building layer-2 infrastructure on top of the Hathor Network.

  • #HathorSwap The first no-gas dex built to fix the global gas price crisis on the Ethereum network.
  • #HathorChromeExtension The go-to Chrome extension for Hathor Network developers to build on.
  • #HathorVirtualDebitCard An easy way for Hathorians to spend their $HTR hassle-free.
  • #HathorWooCommerceCheckout Pay 10x less fees than Stripe while settling transactions in seconds.
  • #HathorAirdropMgmtTool Create recipient lists and delploy mass-scale airdrops with any Hathor token.
  • #HathorMerchantDirectory Search and shop among any of the approved Hathor merchants directory site.
  • Trying to add HTR to Unstoppable Domains
  • Working to have HTR added to more software wallets
  • Partnerships with influencers, brands, and businesses

Got questions?

Is HTRFDT a part of Hathor Labs?
No, we are independent group that is in partnership with Hathor Labs from a technical support and cooperation standpoint. Each product we build will have been seen and battle-tested by the Hathor Labs team.
What is your vision for HTRFDT?
A world where people laugh at the word "gas" and don't have to spend minutes, hours, or days trying to transact online.
How can you help us succeed in our mission?
Try out our products. Leave feedback. Share our posts. Tell to your friends about Hathor and get them to follow @HTRFDT on Twitter.
How can we reach out to your team?
Business: [email protected] / Anything else: [email protected]

Open. Scalable. Global. Instant. Permissionless.


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Chris Defour


Mark Methot