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Compatible with Chrome, Brave, and Opera.


Compatible with Chrome, Brave, and Opera.

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What is HTR/FDT?

HTRFDT is a software development company that specializes in building community tools and products on top of the Hathor Network.

About Us

What does HTR/FDT stand for?
It stands for "Hathor Federation". The name embodies our goal of seeding the network with layer-2 solutions that promote sustainable and inclusive adoption on top of Hathor Network.
How big is the team?
Our management team is composed of 5 people with expertise in software development, product creation, financial operations, and corporate law. Together with our team of hand-picked developers, we are able to ship use cases in record time.
What products are being worked on right now?
HathorPay, Hathor Airdrop Tool, Hathor WooCommerce Checkout, Hathor Merchant Directory, Hathorswap, and much more!
Why don't we see any roadmap?
We release our use cases when we feel they are optimal for public release. We much rather take our time to build solid foundations for each product that we release rather than rushing for short-term satisfaction. Some may take longer to execute on than others and that is due to the complexities involved in building and deploying these types of infrastructure products. We want to make sure that these products pass the test of time and stand up strong to future internet compliance requirements. For this reason, there are no deadlines or defined roadmaps from our team anymore. This allows us to focus on driving lasting utility rather than on caring about price.
What's the best way to give your team feedback?
The proper way to get in touch with us is by politely completing the form at the bottom of this page. Our team takes the time to answer each piece of feedback one-by-one or publicly depending on the question. We may not be able to answer some of your questions due to NDAs we have in place with business partners. We accept constructive criticism, but it must be delivered in a polite way or we will ignore you.
Who can I e-mail about partnerships or business inquiries?
Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.


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